Hotel Marketing With Email Program


The hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive, it is time you break away from the pack and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Hotel marketing done the right way can make dramatic changes in your relationship with past, present and future guests. If you go the extra mile and add an effective email marketing campaign into your promotional media marketing mix, you will be creating a solid hotel marketing plan will put you in a win-win situation.

It is absolutely critical that every hotel have a way of capturing data from guests. In order to stay ahead of the game, you must start your email marketing campaign immediately.

The success of your hotel marketing campaign hinges on how effectively you manage, validate, and maintain your email list. A dependable hospitality SEO firm can help you to ensure that all your email newsletters are delivered successfully and on time.

Unfortunately the social media hype of today has caused hotel marketing to take a backseat role in advertising campaigns. However, it is still one of the most powerful tools in the marketplace when used properly. In essence it is the very cornerstone of relationship marketing that is based on permission. What’s more, email typically has a much higher psychological value than just about any other kind of online communication.

If you are looking the most effective tool to brand your business and create front line awareness then email marketing is the way to go. Any reputable hospitality SEO firm will agree that email is what drives action as well as profits. Hotel email marketing messages help to build balance and harmony.

It is a magical way to build systems and nurture partner relationships. Many of the global leaders in the hotel industry send almost one-half of their ezines for other business partners. The most important thing to remember about hotel email marketing is that you have to increase your lists in an organic manner and only with permission of your prospects.

Provide readers with an irresistible benefit in exchange for signing up to your list. In most instances, only promising updates are not strong enough to garner their attention. Offer discounts exclusively for those on your email lists and providing a preferred service is what compels prospects to join and stay on your lists.

Be mindful of how often your send your email messages. Find a good medium because if you bombard guests with messages they will likely unsubscribe from your list. By the same token, if you do not send your newsletters and messages often enough, they may forget about you.

Hotel email marketing done right will include a sophisticated, advanced email capture and database management system. On top of that, it should be double opt in and permission based to avoid spam claims. Focus on unique, web only specials to capture targeted email address. Be sure to customize your templates to match your brand to really stand out.

Experience the wonder of a highly responsive list who is anxious to learn about your products and services. When you do hotel email marketing the right way, both you and your prospects win.

The hotel marketing campaign can promote the location in which a hotel is situated. Perhaps the climate is appealing, or there may be scenic views and wildlife sightings that cannot be found elsewhere. If a hotel is set in a historical center, that fact can be played up when advertising. Even prime shopping nearby can be a draw for many people.

Service quality is important to visitors. Guests of the hotel want to know if the rooms are maintained in a clean condition and in good repair. If the hotel is marketed as a five-star facility, there are expectations that the sink stoppers will hold the water. Amenities such as Internet connections are no longer a luxury item; they are expected for all but the cheapest lodging. Marketing efforts should let visitors know what makes a facility receive the highest rankings, and why the particular hotel deserves the award.

A hotel may increase its appeal by adding activities available within the hotel itself. For example, if space is available, the hotel might promote small or large business conference sites. In spite of the ease of teleconferences, many companies want to move employees away from the regular work duties and activities to focus on training or promotional conferences.

The marketing campaign can focus on unique features of the hotel or the rooms. If rooms have themes, that can be appealing to some visitors. Some boutique hotels with quirky or unusual themes have been increasing in number around the world. These facilities are growing in popularity simply because they are different. Marketing such ideas is a simple process. Sometimes only small touches are needed to add to the appeal of a room.

In addition to the general location where the hotel sits, there may be specific points of interest that will draw visitors to a hotel if they know about other activities in the region. National parks, lessor known museums and cultural centers, fishing sites or tours through a unique area can also be used effectively in marketing campaigns.

Events of interest such as fairs, festivals and races also bring people, as do music concerts and shows.

Marketing campaigns can emphasize some of the extra touches that are provided by the hotel. Do they provide shuttle transportation to the airport or the convention center? Maybe they have 24 hour room service. An exercise room is another popular extra amenities.

Hotel marketing can mean the difference between operating in the red and continuing to attract customers. Using creativity and imagination is always important. Perhaps just as important is the recommendation to make certain that your marketing campaign words match reality.