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Best Business Coach For Your Success


Business Coaching To Achieve The Most Out Of Your Business, and Yourself

Are You Serious About Your Business Success?

Do you feel you have far more potential, but have a hard time moving past your current position?

Let me start by explaining a bit about Business/Consulting Coaching, and a bit about myself.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

This is the most common question I get. People looking for coaching to improve themselves or their business have an idea in their mind about what coaching is to them, but need clarification to see if a particular coach fits the bill.

The concept of a business coach is quite simple;

Whatever it is you wish to excel at, you find someone who is an expert in that area and you learn from them.

Of course, depending what it is you want to be mentored at, like say from a top mechanical engineer, you want to be sure they are certified in that field.

However, that’s not necessarily important with all areas. For instance, a few years ago I felt the need to learn to be a better golfer, since I kept being dragged out by clients to golf, but their life was at risk with how horrible a golfer I was.

I heard of a guy through other golfers that was amazing, who could do incredible trick shots, land the ball within a foot of anywhere he wanted. Most importantly, he was able to help others become much better golfers.

At $500.00 a session, he was worth it, and by the fourth session I had improved 1000%.

The golf instructor (Dan) was just a naturally very good golfer and was also obsessed with the game, so he practiced for many years learning how to be the best golfer possible. There was no “school for golfing” or being a certified golfer, etc., he was just a great golfer, and his true skill was being able to work with people to show them how to improve their swing.

The same thing goes with a coach I hired to mentor me on public speaking. He didn’t go to a school, or have any certification on public speaking, he was very good at what he did by doing it professionally for 17 years.

And again, his strength was being able to analyze others and what they were doing, correct them and patiently show them methods to improve themselves. THIS is very important, because not all people who are great at something have the capacity to teach.

So often when coaching fails, it’s not necessarily because the coach isn’t good at what they do, they just lack the skills and patients to teach others.

For myself, business, marketing and coaching has been a part of my life for over 26 years.

I’ve owned 28 companies in the last 27 years, having started my first business at 21 years old.

I’ve also co-owned in partnerships, joint ventures and other strategic alliances an additional 14 companies.

These companies were in many different areas, like convenience stores, welding shops, in the food industry, industrial industry, retail and more.

When you are skilled in general business or running a business, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in every field. You do however, need to learn the basics and become familiar with the general operations, but if you buy a business for instance and you aren’t very familiar with that industry, you can always temporarily hire a very good manager who has worked in that industry for years successfully.

So, the rule is this: As long are you have experience to run a business in general, the rest you delegate responsibly to others that are very good in that area.

I have some friends and acquaintances who own many companies and in all types of industries.


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