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Reasons to Hire A Marketing Agency

Here’s the truth. It’s truth you may not want to hear but it’s important for you to know. In most cases, you are being perceived by your prospects as an Annoying Pest marketer as opposed to a Welcome Guest marketer.

Impact Marketing is about turning you into a Welcome Guest marketer. When you become a Welcome Guest marketer; when you are attracting your ideal prospects; when you are attracting your ideal clients; when they are coming to you, everything changes for you… and your business.

Obviously you have more sales and you have more profits. But it goes beyond that. When you become a Welcome Guest marketer, you have more productivity and waste less time, meaning you are making more money with less effort.

With Impact Marketing I didn’t have to worry about marketing. I didn’t have to worry about attracting clients.

It just happened. I could sit back with the system in place and clients would come to me.

There are three main keys to your success in Impact Marketing.

Without the right message, you are
going to be in trouble. Most people do not
have a well-crafted message so I’m going to
give you an exact model for you to follow to
give you a message which truly resonates with
your target market.

The second thing is making sure you
are actually marketing to the right people. We’re going to go into demographics and psychographics so that you can reach this target market for just a few dollars. You’ll be able to become dominant in your ideal target market.

The third piece of the triangle is media. You need to have the right message and it has to be delivered to the right market via the right media.

Think of it as a triangle with message, media and market at each corner. All three of these must be working together synergistically for you to get the greatest impact that you can from your marketing.

Now, here are three letters that are extremely important – USP. They stand for Unique Selling Proposition.

I am going to give you a model you can follow to develop your Unique Selling Proposition and this is something you need to do.
Having a clear Unique Selling Proposition answers this question you need to answer:

“Why should I choose to do business with you versus any and every other option available to me in your category?”

Your answer cannot be something like, “We offer quality” or “We give great satisfaction.” It can’t be

“Because our product or service is better.”
These are marketing generalities and they fall upon deaf ears.
Your prospects and your clients don’t even hear that. It is simply noise and fluff.
You need to have a specific answer to this question that is benefit-oriented to your ideal client.