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Marketing Agency

Elements Of A Good Marketing Agency

Efficiency: your systems must be “targeted,” to reach only those people most likely to buy; High Probability Prospects. Without this shift in thinking, you’ll never achieve consistent affordability. Beyond that, a huge benefit of getting Magnetic Marketing Systems working for you is Time Efficiency.

The more of the work that leads up to selling and developing a customer/client you can put on auto-pilot and have done for you by media (letters, web sites, etc.), the more of your time gets invested only in the highest value functions, so you make more money from less time.

Quantity/Quality: Whatever your income goal, it dictates a certain quantity of lead, prospect and customer flow, which requires a certain amount of investment. You should know those numbers as they presently work in your business.

Now, by improving the “quality” of both the prospects selected and reached and the communication with them, you can change those numbers for the better… getting more from less.

Next… what are the key elements of a good Marketing Agency?…

A selected group of prospects (sometimes referred to as a “farm,” “farm area” or “target market.” Note: the better the selection, the better the results. As example, I recently worked on developing a new direct-mail system for a start-up company, marketing to doctors nationwide.

With the first mailing, to about 20,000 doctors, we mailed to the “nth name” selection i.e. every 20th name, in three states. We got about a 1% response. Then, analyzing the response, we found it was 80% male and only 20% female, almost all Anglo-Saxon last names and a few obviously ethnic names, and 70% from suburban areas, only 30% from major cities. With the second mailing we omitted women, omitted ethnic names, and chose only suburban zip codes – and got nearly a 3% response. Nearly a 3X or 300% increase – the difference between loss and profit. (With further refinement of selection of prospects, I believe we can get to 5%.)

Appropriate media for best reaching those prospects. For some it might be direct-mail, and for some a big postcards; for others a personal letter in an envelope; etc., or it might be e-mail; it might be advertising in some newspaper, journal or magazine; it might be Val-Pak. There is no good or bad media per se.

The question is always: how can we best cut through clutter and gain the attention of these particular prospects? Your Magnetic Marketing Tool Kit is, of course, rich in examples of different formulas and ideas. And, almost always, you want to avoid “one shot” marketing in favor of sequence, often using more than one media.

A compelling message of strong interest to your chosen prospects. Get away from big, broad, sloppy, one size fits all marketing messages… and stop talking so much about your products and services; talk about THEIR interests, desires, fears and frustrations.

An “irresistible offer.” In getting new prospects to step forward, indicate interest gives you permission and invitation to sell to them, this is often done by creating and offering ‘information’ of relevance to what you sell and of interest to the prospect.