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How To Attract New Customers

How To Attract New CustomersThe Best Methods On How To Attract New Customers For Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, then you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to attract new customers. Let’s face it, without customers, you’ll be out of business pretty fast. One of the best ways to attract new customers is by adding value.

This is almost the complete opposite of traditional sales where you aggressively chase after anyone who might be remotely interested in what you have to offer. By adding value, you’re attracting customers like a magnet.

As a business we are always looking for ways on how to attract new customers to our website.

But in this highly competitive world of online marketing, attracting any sort of customer can at times seem almost impossible.

Finding the best methods of How To Attract New Customers and view your online business or to find you via an article or a particular keyword, is an art and knowing what to write and how to attack this takes time and effort.

The first thing that someone will tell you is that it’s not your fault and that there is just too much competition out there! Well all is not lost as in this article we will  look at the best ways to attract new customers to your online business and we will also discuss exactly what you should be doing to increase your customer base both online and offline.

How To Attract New Customers To Your Website

Ensure that you have a well build and mobile friendly site (this is something which is often overlooked and will come back to haunt you in the future)
Create great content and make sure that it is yours (content is definitely king and without interesting content and well written content, audience participation becomes very difficult)

Make use of social media and ensure that you have social media links on your site (using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ will help you improve your brand and at the same time will build your social media presence)

Use videos as a way of attracting new customers (YouTube is a great way of getting audience participation and at the same time attracting customers to your website)
Interact on forums and share ideas on various social sites (something which is often neglected, but extremely powerful)

Use of infographics
Try to give away free content
Submit your sites to various directories
If you are a new business owner a great way to get started is by paying for traffic – just make sure the traffic is real!
Do link requests – this doesn’t happen overnight but does work! Also make sure that it’s a link request from a similar niche

Let’s now look at a few ways of gaining more clients and not from your website. We call this offline marketing –

Sending out emails
Cold calling
Attending business groups or functions
Through word of mouth (the most powerful one)
Spread the word with flyers or business cards


Many methods exist for making a business’s sales message known. Platforms such as television advertising, radio broadcasting, and print advertising are all effective, but they are also often too expensive and out of reach for many businesses that are on a small budget.

Promotional marketing is the perfect solution for organizations that find themselves in this situation. This method of marketing is inexpensive, effective, and allows you to identify a specific, target audience that you can reach out to in a specific way. For the uninitiated, promotional marketing involves the use of products that have been customized with a company’s logo or sales message.

These items can then be given away as gifts, establishing a connection between your company and the recipient, so that in the future, when they have a need for your products and services, they will see the item and be reminded of you.

Literally thousands of products exist that can be utilized as part of a promotional marketing campaign. Everything from custom bottle openers, which are perfect for businesses in the hospitality industry, to imprinted snow scrapers are available. For those that are new to this form of marketing, it can often be difficult to identify the perfect gift for a target audience.

In this article, our purpose is to discuss How To Attract New Customers.

Personalized Direct Mail

Marketing gives a company visibility within a target market; it is how it attracts new customers and maximizes the lifetime value of existing ones. The ability to market a product or service is vital to a company’s ongoing success-this is not a revelation. The struggle amongst marketing executives is never whether or not to advertise, but which marketing medium to make use of. With all the options that exist for marketing, consumers prefer personalized direct mail over other marketing options.

There are several advantages to using direct mail as your medium of choice to market your business. Direct mail is a cost effective way to target a specific market segment, while personalized direct mail adds to that medium an attention grabbing call to action.

Direct Mail and Segmenting a Market

Unlike many other forms of advertising, direct mail is sent to a specific list of potential and existing customers most likely to buy your product or service. Not all of the listeners of a radio ad fit into your target market. This type of advertising is often called “spray and pray”. The thought is to “blanket” the airwaves with your ad, hoping to hit interested parties with a quantity, not quality campaign. This is not always cost effective and cannot be targeted like direct mail.

Personalized Direct Mail Increases Response Rates

Direct mail is also flexible as its format is always tangible allowing for a variation of hands-on advertising that can really grab attention and stay in a potential buyer’s memory. From postcards or flyers to pamphlets or photos, this personalized marketing can be fresh and witty with the exact tone of your company or current ad campaign, making direct mail incredibly effective in getting your message out. The term of memory on the ad can be longer than many other mediums as well.

If a potential client sees an opportunity through your ad, they can throw it up on the fridge or on a desk to review later, making it an “in the back of the mind” option for a future purchase.

Personalized Direct Mail Results Realized

Test your market with a small mailing first before launching a full campaign through direct marketing and then measure your responses to the test with your customer’s replies to the call-to-action portion of your direct mail. The ability to test your market is one unique to direct mail advertising.

You don’t have to fully commit to a high-priced ad campaign before knowing the possibilities of its success, like has to be done with radio or TV ads, allowing you to maximize the market response as well as keeping your dollars in your pocket until you find the best market for the best ROI, or rate of investment.