How To Get More Customers

Methods On How to Get More Customers

No matter what is your website about there is a goal which you want to achieve. You may want to sell a product, get newsletter subscriber or motivate visitors to click on affiliate links and buy something on the merchant’s website.

There is a way how to increase the percentage of visitors who will perform the desired action. This method is called “Call to action” and is one of the best ways how to get more customers to buy.

Only small percentage of the website visitors come to perform the desired action. Most of them are unsure if they want to buy and if they want to buy they are unsure if to buy right now. Call to action method may lead this people to the website goal.

Most common mistake made by the internet marketers is calling to the final action on all pages. Don’t try to ask visitors to go to the order form when they don’t know anything about your product. Let them go through your website step by step. Here is an example for a product website:

In the homepage describe what is your web about. Use the call the action method to ask your visitors to read more details about your product.

Then direct the visitors to some page with some arguments why to buy the product (e.g. customer’s testimonials, take a tour pages, more details about the product etc.)

In the next step, ask the visitors to go to the order form.

If you run another type of website the steps may differ a little but the basis stay the same. Always divide the customer’s steps and use the call to action method and you will see this is the best way on how to get more customers.

Marketing is always important, but marketing becomes crucial during economic downturns when people are more motivated to find ways to curb their spending.
Even when individuals are not experiencing the effects of a slowdown they are still receiving a media blitz of bad news and warnings about spending too
much. Social mood is another obstacle to overcome.

To help you with your marketing here are three effective strategies you can use to target and use the best method on how to attract new customers to your business.

Know Your Customer.
Academics and others who never had to meet a payroll tell us that consumer demand is created by a barrage of slick advertising. That’s hogwash. People will not buy anything they do not want, and you cannot create the want no matter how slick you are.

Successful businesses are built on finding out what people want, and finding a way to get it to them.

If your sales are slowing down then you have to make more of an effort to find out what your prospective customers really want. The old saying that you make money by selling the hole and not the drill bit sums it up pretty good.

There are 37 buying emotions that generate a wellspring of desires. People spent a good percentage of one year’s income during previous recessions on expensive encyclopedia sets. They were not buying books. They were satisfying their desire to be a good parent. That desire meant a great deal to that generation.

What is the dominant buying emotion for your product or service?

Sell Value Not Price
if you have to cut prices to maintain your sales level or attract new customers then you never knew the real value of your product to begin with. You got lucky because times were good.

Selling value not price is tightly bound up with knowing your customer and her dominant buying emotion. If you understand the want, and can explain clearly to your customer, so that you cannot be misunderstood, how and why your product or service meets the want, then price is not the issue.

Test and Measure.
Some marketing pundits will tell you to be “different” from your competitors for its own sake. Give it a try, but it’s not different that counts it’s effectiveness. If you cannot measure the effect of being different on your bottom line, by keyed advertising, response rates, or some other scientific measure, you may be putting your sales in reverse and stomping down on the gas pedal at the same time.