Marketing For A Dental Practice

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It is possible for your practice to get flooded with new patients if you would only incorporate dental practice marketing for your profession.

For a dentist who is frustrated because there are not enough patients getting services at their practice, the amount of revenue you make or the quality of people who seek your services, then you can consider this. This is something that transforms a practice as well as the amount of money that you make each year.

The statistics indicate patients are hesitant to purchase the services or even spending money. Fact is the economy has reached an all times low, and what this means is that people try to save as much as they possibly can.

In addition, it has been projected that the trend is to reach the new low in about eighteen months or so. However, you should focus on positives and disregard the negatives. You cannot control an economy but then you shall shift focus on things you are able to control.

What one needs to shift focus on is the number of patients in the database and those that frequent the office and those that have some dough to spend. The people are willing to make an investment in their health, and you should start by selling services to these people. Here is a way you can be able to achieve this if you are able to market services to these people ready to use money.

The first benefit that one will get is an improvement in your revenue. This is when you get existing patients choosing more services, and getting new ones. To achieve this, you need to add more value to your services, and you need to ask yourself what else you offer to the existing clients and what you can promote in a particular month.

It is also vital to think of providing customer service that is world class, and you should also think about how you shall improve on the number of patients who walk through your door. Excellent customer service translates into an additional 7 to 10 per cent increase in cash flow. The good news is that you do not have to pay for such a service.

Another thing you will accomplish is to establish a good team which is profit driven. This team is focused on the creation of more value to customers. A small improvement to your service translates to an extra10, 20 or 30 thousand dollars in a short while. You need to start thinking about inactive patients and then try to bring them back.

The referral system is one that can be established whereby new patients get excellent experience. You should have good services and the patients can be satisfied but if you do not have a referral system, it means that you are missing out on the free patients.

Marketing is the base of any successful business, and dental practice is no exception. While dentists perform specialized services, their practice faces the same issues that of small businesses.

You may be the most successful dentist of all times, but patients will not just walk-in through the door. You have to echo your name and build such a reputation that it reaches to every potential client. However, given the current state of the economy, many patients are giving their routinely dental checkups and procedures a miss.

This may feel like hitting a nail on your head, but there are encouraging ways to get out of this quandary. Tactical approaches to marketing your dental practice can serve your purpose.

Referrals are the best and one the insightful ways to generate more patients, encourage them. Smart dentists are aware of the fact that satisfied patients will be more than willing to refer to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

One thing you don’t comprehend that you actually can ask for referrals. The easiest way to do so is by handling referral cards to the patients while paying bills. Offer incentives like discounted cleaning to those who provide you with the name and contact number.

Patients are lured towards attractive offers. So, make it a habit of offering discounts every now and then. You can start with giving first timers a free checkup in order to ensure repeated visits. Likewise, deeply discounted evaluations for individuals interested in dental procedures could give you strong business.

Get your hands on print marketing as quickly as you can! Given the pervasiveness of digital marketing, many dentists make a big mistake of sweeping out print marketing completely. In this internet era, print media still has the endurance to generate groundbreaking results for dental professionals. Postcards, brochures, pamphlets, newspaper ads are some of the prominent ways to market your practice.

Create an online presence; it’s the need of the hour. It’s like oxygen to your lungs. Internet marketing possesses immense potential, especially when monetary investment is low.

Incorporate internet marketing with a well-designed website that discusses your offerings, background and specialties. A proficient way that can take your dental practice forward is social networking media, as it is useful for getting the word out about your practice.

Challenges In Marketing A Dental Practice

One of the major challenges in Dental Marketing is that of dealing with professional restrictions, which basically bar dentists from putting up outright advertisements for their services. There is also the fact that most people associate anything to do with dentistry with pain, so that they are not receptive to most dental practice marketing messages.

They only go to dentists when they absolutely have to (on account of excruciating pain). And even then, their inclination is to go to the first dental clinic they can remember: it is not something they give too much thought to, like where to shop – especially given the painful circumstances that tend to prevail at such moments.

Principles Of Marketing A Dental Practice

Dental Marketing usually has three objectives. One is by the dental practitioner in question, to create awareness about his or her practice. People will, after all, only seek services from a dental practice if they are, at the very least, aware of its existence.

Second is the objective of maintaining good visibility for the dental practice in question: keeping it in mind that when it comes to making the decision on which dental practice to seek services from, people simply tend to opt for the one that they see/encounter most frequently.

Third is the objective of creating a brand for the said practice (so that there are certain things the prospective clients can associate with it, and expect from it).

Towards creation of awareness is what marketing a dental practice is about, and a viable strategy may be something like having a publicized practice launch day (ideally, with some services being offered for free on that day, to pull the first clients in).

Towards visibility creation, a viable strategy may be something like use of strategically located directional lights, and the possible relocation of a badly hidden dental practice to a ‘high traffic area.’

The idea is to have more and more people see the clinic everyday, so that when they eventually have need for the services offered there, it will be the first clinic that comes to their minds. It is a simple strategy, but it works wonders.