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Okay, let me tell you more about FOCUS… I have a company I work with and they have shared many of their secrets in this matter… They always provide their customers and prospects with views and viewpoints those customers can absolutely trust.

In other words, they never put their interest ahead of the customer. They will not sell you something that’s not in your best interest. They will not sell you a version of something, or more of something, or less of something than you need.

They always provide viewpoints and advice you can trust, because it’s always in your best interest. They are dedicated to helping enrich and enhance and contribute to your betterment, your prosperity, your protection, your satisfaction, your joy, your happiness, and your certainty.

They always base everything they do on showing absolute authoritative leadership.

Not condescension, not pomposity, but leadership. They see themselves as leaders.

They see their function and their purpose as one of leading customers to greater results, greater outcomes, greater joy, less pain, less waste, more profitability, more protection, more satisfaction, more productivity, more efficiency than they allow themselves. Because they know what’s possible, and their customer oftentimes do not.

They believe most people don’t trust “the system” – whatever the system means. In the case of a business, clients often don’t trust the way an industry operates. They think it’s manipulating them. They think they’re out of control. They think they don’t have a lot of choice. And it’s very frustrating.

My client in this example takes that knowledge, and they take the position that they are providing their customers and prospects with an alternative. With a refreshing, viable alternative that gives them control and power.

They believe their prospective clients usually are mad because they don’t trust the system and they don’t even know they’re mad; they’re just frustrated and ambivalent and apathetic. They feel like they’re not being told the whole truth.

So they take the position of, “You aren’t being told the whole truth, or at least you’re not being given all the options, all the factors you really should, and all the information. Here’s the truth as we see it, and the opportunity and the strategy we would take if we were in your shoes.”

Change Your Focus… And People Will Flock To You!


When you change the focus, people will flock to you if you’re holding something of value and you can communicate that. Most people don’t have anything of value. People just want their reward. That’s why no one comes to them.

So how do you get something of value?

You re-direct your whole focus and ask yourself:

  • What are the benefits?


  • What are the greatest results?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What are the measurable improvements I can bring to somebody?
  • And how can I help bring that to them?
  • What promises can I make them?
  • What interim promises can I give them?
  • What introductions to that promise can I avail them of without being at riskmyself?

When you answer all those questions, you instantly find massive ways you can offer all kinds of advantages to people, which they’re going to want to seek out — particularly if they can do it free of risk, and free of effort, and free of obligation.

When somebody comes to me and says, “I don’t have enough customers,” I say, “OK, why don’t you tell me the greatest advantage you either do or could do for customers?” And whatever it is, we would then figure a way to let that customer know about it; but do it in a non- threatening, non-obligatory manner.

It might be that we offer the customer a booklet, or a little short course, or a video tape, or free training, or a chance to try it out, or a chance to come to a seminar, or a chance to have us come to them and do a demonstration, but free of risk.

And we talk about what the demonstration will produce. And we show the customer the advantage of just doing that to them, not to us, so they see that there is a benefit and a profit to be realized by taking that first step even if they never go forward.

I find in business one of the biggest problems is people are not focused.  In fact…

Most People Don’t Have A Clear Definition Of Their Problem

They’ll say they’re frustrated and I’ll say, “Why?” Most people are not willing to do what I’ll call deep-level penetrating, gripping thinking; where they come to resolve a dimensional focus with what the issues in their life and what the opportunities and challenges are.

Most people don’t really know what their frustrations are. They just know they’re frustrated.

I think going from abstract to specific is the biggest breakthrough bridge you can make towards decision instead of desire.

In other words, “You’re frustrated. Why? I mean, you want a car. Well, why aren’t you buying it?” “Well, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want.” “Why don’t you figure out what you want?” “I don’t know if I can afford it.” “Why don’t you figure out what it costs?” “I don’t know…”

Most people don’t allow themselves to get finite. Get finite.

Keeping customers loyal. Getting repeats… Again, this is all predicated on the same thing. Even while uttering frustrations, people are telling you what they want, as opposed to what they want to do for others.

How do you keep people loyal? Think about the people in your lives who you have the greatest loyalty to, and I guarantee you it’s because they have the greatest commitment to you.

You’re not loyal to somebody who treats you like a piece of excrement. You’re not loyal to somebody in your personal life who doesn’t love you. You’re not loyal to an advisor who doesn’t call and give you advice and protect you and direct you and worry about you, are you?

But all these people who lament their frustration, they want for themselves, but they don’t give to others. It’s so simple it’s almost embarrassing.