Marketing Consultant To Help Your Business

Marketing consultants provide many services to businesses you might consider if you are seeking help with your online business. These marketing efforts include creating hype about your business, providing content, and more.

Marketing consultants are the best solution if you want to get the word out about your business. This is because they will practice techniques like social bookmarking and networking efforts. They will also practice writing articles about your business and post them to social sites that allow free posting.

They will provide email campaigns to useful leads of people. All of these efforts will create hype about your business that will generate a lot of traffic to your business. People will be excited about finding out about your company.

Marketing consultants can also take a look at the web pages for your online company and verify if it is set up properly. You might have problems with your site that are a deterrent to customers. They can also help with providing SEO content on your site that will help with search engine rankings too. This is important and it will eliminate paying search engine companies for ranking by bidding on certain keywords.

Marketing consultants know exactly what it takes to survive in the World Wide Web today as a business. If your company is suffering and you are about to shut down your site you might consider hiring a consultant as a last attempt. You would be surprised with the turnaround of your business and you might even reconsider.

Consultants can help you achieve the goals you want to with your website and your products online. The costs are much cheaper than you would expect for marketing in the real world. Marketing consultants are the best option for anyone who wants to bring in more traffic to their site by online marketing efforts that are effective with the communities on the Internet today.

This professional works with organizations and businesses on a per-project basis and is usually self-employed. Some may work with consulting firms.

To become a good marketing consultant there are certain personality traits you should have, whether you are just starting out as a marketing consultant or been working as one for several years. In today’s business world, firms sometimes are forced to lay-off or let go employees. Although having these personality traits will not guarantee that you will always have a job they can weigh in your favor if there is a cut at the firm where you work.

• Have enough experience, which does not mean that all of your experience comes from working as a marketing consultant. Experience can include being able to work difficult clients and keeping them happy and a client of your firm, understand what the client wants, etc.

• Outgoing personality-this means that you are comfortable “putting yourself out there,” You have the self confidence with meeting new people, building new client relationships, networking, selling yourself to clients and proving that you can produce what you tell your clients you will do. It also means that you are a motivated self-starter and will work to bring new clients into the firm without being reminded or told that is your job. You also have to like people.

• Plenty of connections that will enable you to bring new clients to the firm or if self-employed you have the connections to build up your client base and bring in more income.

• You need to have money sense and know when it is okay to take a risk. Most marketing consultants are paid on commissions and if you are just starting out as a self-employed marking consultant you need to make sure that you have the funds to stay afloat until you get your first client. Even if you work for a consultant firm times could be slow and you are not getting the commissions as before so you need to make sure that you have money set aside just for these times.

• Strong work ethic because being a marketing consultant does not you will have the normal nine to five working hours. You have to be available when it is convenient for your clients sometimes, you may have to work late nights, weekends, and maybe even early mornings. You also have to have the self-discipline to set your own hours and work them, understanding that may be situations where there is an emergency meeting you have to attend or have to change your schedule for a client

• Be willing to take work home with you, especially if there is a deadline or a client wants to make changes in their marketing strategy.

How to Get Customers

How to Get Customers to Purchase Your Products

Regardless of what kind of business you do, every business person needs to know how to get customers. This will ensure that you get more sales from the business.

Want to learn the faster ways of getting customers?

-Give a little and you will get a lot:

If you want to, try giving people free samples of the products that you are selling. You should go a step further and ask these people to show them to their friends if they are satisfied and pleased with what they see.

These free samples could either be free consultations where you explain to them about what you do or in the form of a newsletter that has tips and hints about your business.

-Always ask for feedback from people even if they do not buy any of your products:

Even though this sounds like a disappointing thing to happen to anyone, do not be discouraged. This can help you get customers since you will learn from these feedbacks. You will know what you need to make changes on so that you may increase your sales.

-Look at your competitors’ work:

This will help you figure out what they did to get customers. You will never know, what worked for them might just work for you too.

-If you want to succeed in getting customers, use several ways and not just one:

To increase sales, you have to communicate to your customers about your products in various ways and from different sources. The more times they hear about you, the higher the chances that they will purchase your products when they are in need of them.

-When you hear of an event that is sponsoring your kind of product, ensure you attend it if you get a chance to:

You can communicate with the organizers of the event and persuade them to give your products as a price during the event, after which, they would have to include you in their promotions.

-Ensure that you have a place in Google:

To get customers, you have to list yourself in various article directories. Ensure that the website address that you give is the right one.

-Rather than using one big ad, use numerous small ones:

If you notice that almost everyone in your type of business is using a certain ad in getting customers, use the same one for your business. However, use smaller ads as this will be spread to many people than those of your competitors.

Edmonton Marketing Agency

Reasons Why You Should Hire Marketing Agency Edmonton

It’s a fact that the future of marketing is digital. While you can market the product/services on your own, you are highly discouraged from doing it. The best way of going about it is hiring a digital marketing agency. The benefits of hiring an agency include:

Save time and money

If you are a small business owner chances are that you are too busy. You have meetings to attend to, phone calls to make, and other business issues. This leaves you little to no time to concentrate on the marketing aspects of the business.

When you hire a marketing agency you don’t have to worry of marketing your business as you will have left the work to professionals.

It might sound absurd saying that you save money when you hire an agency to market the business for you, but its true-you save money.

If you were to hire an in-house marketer, you will pay him/her up to $70,000 a year. Hiring an agency costs a fraction of that amount.

You achieve results fast

When you are handling the marketing part of your business you most likely don’t know what works and what doesn’t – you are gambling and guessing. This results to you making many mistakes before you see results.

Digital marketing agencies specialize in marketing; therefore, they understand the inns and outs of every niche. Since the marketing mediums change every day, the agencies keep up with the mediums and ensure that they work with the best and most effective medium in the market. Due to this, you see results fast.

Save on technology and tools

To undertake effective business marketing you need to have the right tools to monitor your accounts, track data and undertake other marketing tasks. As a small business owner, you most likely can’t afford the necessary tools and technology.

When you hire an agency you not only save time and money, you also save on purchasing marketing tools and technology. The tools which can get expensive especially when you have to upgrade them.

Professional experience

The Edmonton marketing agency is run by educated, trained and experienced professionals. When you hire the agency you bring the knowledge into your business. This results to fast growth of your company.

Marketing Consultants Edmonton

Benefit From Edmonton Marketing Consultants

Most people choose their energy provider once and stick with it for a long duration of time. The only way to convince someone to change their electric company is to offer a cheaper rate, greener or cleaner energy, or convince them their current provider is not doing a good job. Fortunately, there are
many who actually do a poor job, so this makes the sale easier.

However, how do you find these people, that are looking for change? If you don’t have a plethora of contacts and resources, then you may not have a starting point for finding new potential customers to jump aboard your company’s offerings.

Energy marketing consultants can make your life easier and provide you with new, fresh ways to drive customers your way. Here’s some things an energy marketing consulting firm can offer your business:

Resources & Connections

Marketing consultants already have a list of contacts and resources. They have industry insider information that can help propel a business in less time than it would normally take. They can reach out to key industry contacts who they already have existing relationships with. You’re not only paying
for their services, but you are also paying for their connections It would behoove you to know if the marketing firm you select has key contacts in their database that can help your business needs..

First Line Marketing

Through their contacts, resources and connections energy marketing firms will be able to get your business pitched to potential residential or commercial buyers, before they actually make the sale. Your company can come across as a recommendation from the real estate agent, thus putting your
company at the forefront of potential customers.

It’s extremely important to lock a customer in as early as possible. There’s no earlier marketing opportunity than the buying process. Find out if your marketing firm has real estate agents, brokers or agency contacts, who make recommendations, usually there will be a cost association for these types
of recommendations.

Industry Audits and Research

Determining how your company stacks up against competitors and industry standards is important, because it will help you succeed, when knowing how your business aligns with best practices. Consulting firms will easily be able to provide you with full audits and research for your company. This will help identify areas which your company is weak as well as areas where it’s strong.

Latest Trends & Technologies

Marketing firms live in the real-time world, so it’s imperative that they stay abreast on the latest trends and technologies. They will easily understand the latest jargon in your industry and newest technologies used. This will help give your business a sense of freshness and keeps your business ahead of the curve.

Your marketing materials will be written with the latest trendy jargon, thus grabbing the attention of your intended audience.

More Hands Are Better Than One

When using an energy consulting company you are hiring an extension of your company. You get the machine behind you, and no longer have to do all the work yourself. If you have a small company, then it may only have one or a few personnel dedicated to the marketing aspects of your business, by hiring
a marketing firm you are outsourcing responsibilities that you couldn’t possibly do by yourself or with a small staff.

Even for large organizations, outsourcing portions of your marketing efforts will help free up time for key personnel within your organization and allow them to focus on other important business tasks. More hands are always better than one.

There you have it. Those are five simple ways an energy marketing consulting firm would benefit your energy, electric or power company. Hiring a marketing agency is a win-win situation.

You should always do your due diligence, before choosing your marketing specialist. If possible, do a test run with the marketing company, by simply choosing the least expensive services to start, then increase your budget as time advances and satisfactory results are seen. When possible, check references and follow-up on testimonials, then make a wise business decision.

Whatever you do, make sure you explore the world of outsourcing your marketing services to an energy marketing consulting firm, because it can make a world of difference. Good luck on getting your company in front of the right people! It won’t be long, now that you know what to do.

Small Business Consultant

Direct Mail For More Customers


Direct mail packages run the gamut from simple to sophisticated, straightforward to complex. There is no right or wrong way to structure a mailing — it all comes down to what works best for your purpose.


For example, if you’re a dentist or a chiropractor who has recently moved to a new location, you may want to send out a simple “hello” letter introducing yourself to potential new patients. Your “package” might be little more than a one-page letter in a plain business envelope.


On the other hand, if you’re a restaurant owner looking to drum up corporate Christmas party business, you might send a mailing to local companies that includes a letter from your catering director, a copy of your menu, a brochure on your banquet facilities, perhaps a brief separate note from you, and a reply device for reserving space in your reception hall or requesting a call-back from a banquet manager.


Basically, there are six potential components of a direct mail package:


  1. The carrier, or


  1. The sales


  1. A


  1. A “lift ”


  1. An order form/response


  1. A reply


The carrier is the outside packaging that holds all the components. It needs to be enticing enough to get the recipient to open it. Accordingly, there are a multitude of decisions to be made



about the envelope, including size, color, postage (meter versus live stamp), paper stock, and whether it should include pictures or “teaser” copy on the outside.


Think of the carrier envelope as doing the same job as an ad headline. Just as the ad headline entices you to read the ad, the job of the properly-crafted envelope is to get the letter opened.


Take a tested headline from your most productive display ad and put it boldly on the outside, lower left corner of your envelope. Or, pull down the first few words from your most effective sales pitch and put them on the outside or back of your envelope. Remember, space is limited.


Take note that postal restrictions limit your message to a certain portion of one side of the front and back of the envelope. (Check with your local Postmaster for current limitations.) You must be ruthless in condensing down to the most powerful, high impact words that arouse curiosity.

Differences in size, color, or stock can sometimes get an envelope noticed, but be careful

  • being too whimsical may affect whether the contents are taken seriously. Live postage (an actual stamp) has a more personal effect than metered or “bulk rate” postage, although it may not be practical or cost-effective with larger


As for teaser copy, many business owners opt not to use it because they believe it can make a package look like promotional junk mail. However, teaser copy may also lure the reader into opening an otherwise nondescript envelope. If you’re not sure whether to use teaser copy or not, my advice would be to test two different versions of the envelope and see which mailing pulls a greater response.

On the other hand, the envelope may be plain (white or colored), resembling a personal letter — with no hint as to its contents. By disguising your direct mail to look like personal correspondence, it can get by the secretary and avoid the circular file.

Some people put distinctive language on the upper left corner of their carrier envelopes, like “Executive Offices,” “President,” initials, “Research Department,” or “Treasurer.” Experiment and find what works best for you.

I’ve used both teaser copy and plain white envelopes. Both worked well, but for different purposes. Test to see which approach yields the most profitable response.

Keep a written record and a file of carrier envelopes that got your attention. Remember, the envelope must get opened in order for the enclosed letter to be read. Once this all-important task is done, the envelope’s job is over.

The sales letter is the actual sales pitch — the “beef” of your package. The letter relays what the product or service is and how it can benefit the customer. In short, the sales letter does everything that a traditional verbal sales pitch does.


Here are specific “missions” that your sales letter should fulfill:


  • It must get the reader’s attention with a powerful


  • The letter must show distinct advantages in the body


  • The letter has to prove or validate your claim of benefits or advantages through factual examples — comparisons, testimonials, or


  • The letter must persuade the reader to reach out and seize the advantage you promise.


  • The letter must motivate the reader to act, to respond, order, write, come in, or send back the


Many business owners cringe at the thought of sitting down and writing a sales letter. But trust me, you don’t need a dual degree in marketing and English to write a powerful sales letter. All you need is a sound knowledge of your product or service and a keen understanding of the benefit it brings to someone’s life or business.


Here’s what I suggest you do: Get a tape recorder. Then sit down comfortably with someone you trust and make the most compelling, one-on-one case you can for your product or service.

Answer every question that could be in a prospect’s mind. Challenge your friend or associate to ask you questions. Talk about the beneficial result your product or service provides. Put forth every compelling point, reason, and advantage it offers.

Be sure to record your session. Then get it transcribed and printed out. With just a little bit of editing, you will have written a tremendously powerful sales letter — without ever having to stare at a blank page!

Content For Your Business’s Success

If you’re starting or growing an online business then it’s important to remember one thing – content is key to online success. Not convinced? Here are five compelling reasons to focus on growing your content foundation.

The Internet is a Giant Library

Content is the foundation of the internet. It’s like a giant library of written, spoken and visual content. If your website doesn’t offer content, it’s not really embracing the reason your prospects are online. Websites that are providing a wealth of content will get the visitors and the sales.

Think about why your prospect is going online. What are they looking for? What information do they need? What problems do they want to solve? Create content that addresses your audience and you’ll be well on your way to significant online success.


Traffic is what people online call website visitors. The more visitors you have to your website or blog the more traffic you have. Content plays a very important role in generating website traffic. First, content provides your visitors with a reason to visit your website in the first place. It also provides a reason to come back.

Secondly, content provides search engines with words to search and pages to index. The more pages you have indexed the higher you’ll climb on the search engine rankings. Think about when you go online to search for information. You type in your keywords or question and the results are displayed. Do you click through several pages of results or the first two or three pages?

If you’re like most people you review the first page or two of results and then if you don’t find what you’re looking for you change your keywords. That means you want your website to show up on the first page or two of results. To do this, you want to create a lot of content.


Your content is a great way for people, aka prospects, to get to know you. When they read your content they get a feel for who you are and what you’re about. This creates a connection. They like you.

Likeability is a buying trigger. We buy from people, or businesses we like. The more content you have that helps your prospects and readers, the more they’ll begin to like you. The more they’ll buy from you.

Trust, Credibility, Authority

Speaking of buying triggers, we also buy from people or businesses we trust or consider to be experts. You can use content to establish trust, credibility and authority in your industry. Providing valuable information, information that helps your prospects and changes their life for the better will earn you trust, credibility and authority – it’ll earn you sales.

Finally, as more and more websites and blogs show up online, people are starting to change the way they interact. Instead of buying from strangers, they are looking to become part of a community. They want to feel connected to the person or company they’re buying from. Content creates community.
If you’ve been letting your content strategy slide, sit down today or as soon as possible and start creating a content plan. Content is the key to online success

Massively Increasing Business Profits

Okay, let me tell you more about FOCUS… I have a company I work with and they have shared many of their secrets in this matter… They always provide their customers and prospects with views and viewpoints those customers can absolutely trust.

In other words, they never put their interest ahead of the customer. They will not sell you something that’s not in your best interest. They will not sell you a version of something, or more of something, or less of something than you need.

They always provide viewpoints and advice you can trust, because it’s always in your best interest. They are dedicated to helping enrich and enhance and contribute to your betterment, your prosperity, your protection, your satisfaction, your joy, your happiness, and your certainty.

They always base everything they do on showing absolute authoritative leadership.

Not condescension, not pomposity, but leadership. They see themselves as leaders.

They see their function and their purpose as one of leading customers to greater results, greater outcomes, greater joy, less pain, less waste, more profitability, more protection, more satisfaction, more productivity, more efficiency than they allow themselves. Because they know what’s possible, and their customer oftentimes do not.

They believe most people don’t trust “the system” – whatever the system means. In the case of a business, clients often don’t trust the way an industry operates. They think it’s manipulating them. They think they’re out of control. They think they don’t have a lot of choice. And it’s very frustrating.

My client in this example takes that knowledge, and they take the position that they are providing their customers and prospects with an alternative. With a refreshing, viable alternative that gives them control and power.

They believe their prospective clients usually are mad because they don’t trust the system and they don’t even know they’re mad; they’re just frustrated and ambivalent and apathetic. They feel like they’re not being told the whole truth.

So they take the position of, “You aren’t being told the whole truth, or at least you’re not being given all the options, all the factors you really should, and all the information. Here’s the truth as we see it, and the opportunity and the strategy we would take if we were in your shoes.”

Change Your Focus… And People Will Flock To You!


When you change the focus, people will flock to you if you’re holding something of value and you can communicate that. Most people don’t have anything of value. People just want their reward. That’s why no one comes to them.

So how do you get something of value?

You re-direct your whole focus and ask yourself:

  • What are the benefits?


  • What are the greatest results?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What are the measurable improvements I can bring to somebody?
  • And how can I help bring that to them?
  • What promises can I make them?
  • What interim promises can I give them?
  • What introductions to that promise can I avail them of without being at riskmyself?

When you answer all those questions, you instantly find massive ways you can offer all kinds of advantages to people, which they’re going to want to seek out — particularly if they can do it free of risk, and free of effort, and free of obligation.

When somebody comes to me and says, “I don’t have enough customers,” I say, “OK, why don’t you tell me the greatest advantage you either do or could do for customers?” And whatever it is, we would then figure a way to let that customer know about it; but do it in a non- threatening, non-obligatory manner.

It might be that we offer the customer a booklet, or a little short course, or a video tape, or free training, or a chance to try it out, or a chance to come to a seminar, or a chance to have us come to them and do a demonstration, but free of risk.

And we talk about what the demonstration will produce. And we show the customer the advantage of just doing that to them, not to us, so they see that there is a benefit and a profit to be realized by taking that first step even if they never go forward.

I find in business one of the biggest problems is people are not focused.  In fact…

Most People Don’t Have A Clear Definition Of Their Problem

They’ll say they’re frustrated and I’ll say, “Why?” Most people are not willing to do what I’ll call deep-level penetrating, gripping thinking; where they come to resolve a dimensional focus with what the issues in their life and what the opportunities and challenges are.

Most people don’t really know what their frustrations are. They just know they’re frustrated.

I think going from abstract to specific is the biggest breakthrough bridge you can make towards decision instead of desire.

In other words, “You’re frustrated. Why? I mean, you want a car. Well, why aren’t you buying it?” “Well, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want.” “Why don’t you figure out what you want?” “I don’t know if I can afford it.” “Why don’t you figure out what it costs?” “I don’t know…”

Most people don’t allow themselves to get finite. Get finite.

Keeping customers loyal. Getting repeats… Again, this is all predicated on the same thing. Even while uttering frustrations, people are telling you what they want, as opposed to what they want to do for others.

How do you keep people loyal? Think about the people in your lives who you have the greatest loyalty to, and I guarantee you it’s because they have the greatest commitment to you.

You’re not loyal to somebody who treats you like a piece of excrement. You’re not loyal to somebody in your personal life who doesn’t love you. You’re not loyal to an advisor who doesn’t call and give you advice and protect you and direct you and worry about you, are you?

But all these people who lament their frustration, they want for themselves, but they don’t give to others. It’s so simple it’s almost embarrassing.

Marketing Consultants Edmonton

Choosing The Best Edmonton Marketing Consultant And How They Help Your Business


Copywriting is the art of writing to sell or achieve a specific goal. Anything from a landing page to an advertisement employs some type of copy writing skill and technique. You can use these same techniques to improve your content.


The headline of your article or blog post is vitally important. It motivates people to read your article. Presumably, your article or blog post has a goal. Thus the more people who read your content, the more likely it is you’ll achieve your goal.

For example, you may want to promote an affiliate product in your article and your goal is to earn commissions. If your headline attracts attention, you’ll increase your readership and thus your click through rate will increase. More readers means more profits.

So how do you write great headlines? Try these techniques:
* Ask a question
* Make a promise
* Offer a benefit
* Arouse curiosity
* Appeal to emotions
* Use numbers
* Make an announcement
Call to Action

Once you’ve motivated someone to read your content, make sure they take action. Again this ties back to the purpose or goal for your article or blog post. If you want people to read more content on your website then include a few relevant links at the end of your article. Tell them to click on the links to learn more about your niche. Always include some sort of call to action, even if you just want them to leave comments on your blog.

Use Examples

One great way to really get your reader involved in your content is to use examples. In a blog post you can use personal examples. In your article content you may want your examples to be more general.

Examples help paint a picture for your readers. Instead of just telling them something, you’re showing them too.

Visual Aids

More and more content online is also using visual cues to make it interesting to the reader. Any sales letter is going to have many subheadings, bold lettering on words that need to grab attention and bullet points to draw the eye down. In addition to formatting your content for easy online reading, consider using photos, graphics and other images to help inform your reader.

It’s not uncommon for a blog to include a photo in every single blog post. Additionally, if you’re writing a how to article you might include a few demonstration photos. If you’re writing a review you might include an image of the product you’re reviewing. And if you’re writing an informative article you might include graphs, charts or screenshots.

Using a few handy copywriting tactics for your content can help improve readability, reader response and it can help you achieve better content marketing results. Try implementing a few of these ideas and watch your results soar.

Actually, hiring a marketing consultant edmonton company,  is much cheaper than experimenting and getting out there with little knowledge. The experienced one is also confident and has multiple options for every situation. Experienced consultants can give you an idea of where to start and options about how to excel in your online marketing strategies.

The Internet itself will be most helpful when you are looking for a marketing consultant with an outstanding record. There might also some good consultants but that are new to your particular industry, as a business person you can’t able to take a risk like that. When choosing Internet marketing consulting services you really do want someone with experience in your industry.

Choose someone who can bring results, good results based on his or her record. You can rest easier knowing your marketing is in good hands that way. Don’t be afraid to check as extensively as you can into their marketing background… better to find it all out earlier than later.

Price is another important factor in choosing Internet marketing consulting services but you should look at it only after selecting qualified consultants. Other people do it backwards and look at the price first before the qualifications. You really can’t make a qualified decision that way.

So after you spot your candidates, it’s time for you to compare prices, negotiate, and get the best consultant for the most reasonable price. Choosing the best edmonton marketing consultant doesn’t have to be a problem, and if done right, it will never be.