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How To Rank Number 1 On Google In Edmonton

Everyone wants to rank number 1 in Google for their business website, but so few business owners realize how much time, skill and knowledge it takes.

This goes for those who want to start up a SEO Company so they can make some quick “easy money”.

Fact is, getting solid rankings for a local business website takes quality work and time.

Most fly by night SEO firms mostly use old tactics of a bunch of back-links from blog sites and anywhere else they can get them. this does work to a degree, but usually is short lived, due to poor quality links with old re-spun content.

These types of links are usually taken down quickly or classified as spam.

The Need Of A Professional Edmonton SEO Company

Every business with a website wants to rank number 1 in the search engines for desired keywords, and is a top priority for many local businesses these days, particularly on Google.

The reason for this is obvious; to get more traffic, gain credibility and get more business!

However, there’s a lot more to getting a top-ranking website for many local business websites these days compared to several years ago, particularly within some types of businesses.

Businesses like restaurants, dentists, liquor stores, etc. There are hundreds and hundreds of each of these businesses in the Edmonton and Calgary area, so when it comes to ranking the more competitive local websites, it takes a lot more work.

For Example:

In the Edmonton area, there are at least a few hundred dental practices.

That’s a lot of dentists within about 500+ square mile area, even in a City with about 1.3 million people.

In fact, the next time your out at a shopping mall, strip mall or any other shopping area, just scan around where you are, and the chances are you’ll see at least 2 dental office within your sight, probably more.

I’ve seen areas that had as many as 5 in a one block radius!

Here’s my point;

With Local SEO, you are mostly ranking within your city. So, using the example of dental offices, how many top rankings are you going to get within the same keywords that most dentists want to rank number one for, like “best dentist in edmonton” “best dental office in edmonton”?

With at least a few hundred dentists in Edmonton and there being less than a dozen listing per page of google search, you see where the problem is.

Since 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results, it’s so important to be on the first page of Google. And with hundreds of Edmonton dentists, obviously 95% of them won’t make the top listings.

Now of course you also need to define your searches to the district your business is in. For instance, the district “summerside”, so a dental office in that area will want to rank for the keywords “summerside dentist” and “dentist in summerside” and so on.

This does help with the very specific and select searches, unfortunately, business owners aren’t happy with just ranking their websites just within a 8-12 block radius, they want what all business owners want for their website rankings,… to be number 1 in most of the city area.

This of course is the importance of having the best Edmonton SEO Company taking care of your website rankings for you.

In my examples I just gave basic information, just to get across the general understanding of what all needs to be considered when ranking a local business on the first page of Google. Obviously there so much more to the process.

There’s so many things to know and understand about seo, not to mention that things in the world of seo constantly keep changing.

Another very important aspect of SEO to consider is mobile seo services for your website. SEO for mobile search and having a mobile friendly website is a must.

Below is an example of a non-mobile friendly and mobile friendly website.


NOT Mobile Friendly                                                                                                  Mobile Friendly

Edmonton SEO Company

Included in our website SEO is making your website mobile friendly and SEO for mobile search.



Top Reasons To Have A Mobile Friendly Site:

  • Today, more people search on mobile phones than computers.
  • People are five times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.
  • Over half of mobile users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

Look around you and you’ll see almost everyone with a device of some kind, and this is main method of search.

If your website can not render to a mobile friendly version, you will lose out many potential customers/clients or sales.

Why You Need More Than Just A Edmonton SEO Company

Now please understand that this is all limited to website SEO so far and getting top listings in Google, but has nothing to do with your business marketing and strategy.

It’s great to have the number 1 website on Google for all your keywords, but if your website is poorly designed, hard to navigate, and most importantly, has no effective method of selling, capturing or communicating with your potential customers/clients, then it’s completely pointless.

All you’ll really have is the best ranking website that gets you no customers/clients, just cost you money instead of making your business money.

As a Full-Service marketing agency, we help you with ALL your marketing needs.

While we are getting our clients top website rankings, we also create a good sales page, lead capture page or other call to action method for your website.

This way when you get the desired prospects to your website, either by computer, mobile or device search, there is an effective method to sell, capture or have them Click to call you immediately.

If you want your website SEO Done Correctly and with Marketing in mind, Please Contact Us