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Complete Online and Offline Marketing Agency


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

o SEO Report Card
o 24/7 Dynamic SEO updates to improve your online visibility and ranking
o Geo-targeting for your location(s)
o Comprehensive internal & external linking strategy
o Optimized content for ALL your skills

Web Design

• Customizable dental web design

• Customizable dental web design

• Complete Website Design Library

• Instantly update your website design 24/7

• Latest “Responsive” designs for smart phones, tablets and optimal ranking with Google• Optimized layout for maximum patient lead response

Marketing Directories

• Listing on National online dental directories for each of your clinical skills

• Listing on National online directories for each of your clinical skills

• Local dental directory listings surrounding your geographic area(s)

• Your directory listings give you the “Linking Authority” you need to rank your practice website(s) at the top of search engine results

Video Marketing

• Personalize your website and increase your conversion rate

• Personalize your website and increase your conversion rate

• Informational videos about products/services you offer

• Video testimonials from your satisfied patients

• Create your own or select from a complete library of professional videos

Lead Tracking

• Total lead tracking for all new phone calls and emails

• Total lead tracking for all new phone calls and emails

• Analysis of all new leads by target markets and location

• 24/7 online control panel to monitor and verify leads

• Phone, fax and email notification of new leads

Search Engine Marketing

Get top rankings on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and more.

What good is a terrific website if customers can’t find it?

Standard Search Engine Visibility solves this problem by helping you add the right keywords and text to your site, then submits your site to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and over 100 other popular search engines and directories.

Use our expert suggestions to continuously move your business listing closer to the top of search results.

Grow Your Business

Strategic Planning

Dental marketing simply doesn’t follow a formula. Despite what the competition says, there’s no “Package A/Package B” plan, and silver bullet strategies are a myth. After all, your practice and your patients are as unique as you are. You deserve a strategy that combines your goals, your marketplace, your vision. A plan for every practice – that’s our motto.

In-depth practice and goal discovery
Demographic and competitive research
Long term strategic planning
Execution calendars
ROI metrics and measurement
Short term promotional planning

Account Management

It takes a special kind of person to work in Account Management at GPM. Requirements? Unerring attention to detail. Ears as big as elephants from being on the phone all day with a memory to match. A passionate desire to advocate for their clients. When we say we create raving fans, these people are the reason why.

Project review, direction and feedback
Direct mail drop schedule development and execution
Periscope tracking setup


When you only work with dentists, it can be a creative challenge to make each one of you truly unique – to create your brand. Thankfully, our new client discovery process gets to know you in a highly personal manner. We don’t settle for the generic “patients love us for our great customer service” answer. Instead, we dig deeper until we get to know the real you.

Practice Name Development
Tagline Development
Custom Logo Design
Stationery Packages
Hygiene Bags and Ad Specialty Items

Creative Services

If you wanted bland, generic marketing you could just let that radio rep write your spot, or allow that newspaper intern to layout your new ad (sure it’s free, but…you get what you pay for!). After our kickoff calls, your personal creative team gathers together in a small room filled with mystifyingly blank white boards and lots of dry erase markers. They eventually emerge, smeared with ink but full of brilliant, creative new ideas on how to communicate your message. Mad Men has nothing on GPM.

Internal Communications – Brochures, new patient packets, newsletters (printed and email), on-hold messaging, in-office displays, and custom patient photography
Referral Marketing – Patient referral programs and professional referral systems
External Marketing – Print ads, radio spots, TV commercials, direct mail, inserts and more

Media Planning & Placement

Media is an enigma. There’s broadcast TV and cable TV. Dozens of radio stations per market, online streaming, Pandora and XM. Daily newspapers, weekly papers and lifestyle magazines. Billboards, both electronic and poster paper. How on earth do you choose which combination is best for your budget? How do you know if the rep (aka the used car salesman) is giving you a good deal? Honestly, it’s a crap shoot unless you know what to ask. Our Media Director researches all of your options, chooses the best media to match your target demographics and budget, then negotiates like the Bulldog she is. The result? Significant savings and a lot less hassle.

Media Research
Annual Media Planning
Rate and Placement Negotiation
Contract and Credit Application Coordination
Placement Confirmation and Make-Goods

Website Design & Development

Not so very long ago, the internet was invented. Websites quickly took down that Goliath known as yellow pages, and Google became a verb. Now not having a website is akin to not having a phone number. Our web team believes that your patients are savvy enough to see through cookie cutter, pre-written websites and that you deserve better. Today’s consumer wants a site that is easy to find (optimization and search engine marketing), easy to maneuver (usability), fresh (updates and blogging) and truly personal. Our sites include:

Custom Website Design Focusing on Usability and Visitor Conversion
Responsive Design for Mobile Device Compatibility
Photo and Video Galleries
Social Media Integration
Appointment Request Forms
Patient Review Feeds
On Page Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the language of SEO can feel like trying to learn Mandarin while wearing earplugs underwater. You hear something, but it sounds a lot like Charley Brown’s teacher talking. We take the mystifying world of SEO and not only fix your site, but educate you on what we did. We practice complete transparency with SEO, explaining the significance of title tags, alt text, meta tags, canonicalization and all sorts of other geek-speak. Most important, you’ll see an immediate impact on your site’s ability to be found on-line.

On-page Optimization
Local Listing and Directory Optimization
Google Analytics Implementation
Google Webmaster Tools Implementation

Search Engine Marketing/Blogging

No longer do neighbors talk over back yard fences to gossip about the town and exchange recommendations for new doctors and dentists. Instead, they search for “Lewisburg Dentist” or “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Nashville” on their laptop or iphone, and those doctors whose websites come up at the top tend to get the calls. Once your site is properly optimized, it’s time to start moving it from Page 10 to Page 1. We do that by writing targeted, engaging blogs that are pushed to social media, optimizing directory listings, creating in-bound links and updating the SEO on your site to keep up with Google’s almost daily changes to their algorithm.

The ADA knew we were so darn good at web marketing that they selected GPM as one of only seven contributors nationwide to write a chapter in “The ADA’s Practical Guide to Internet Marketing.” Well shucks. The honor was all ours.

Social Media Integration
In-bound Site Linking
Directory Optimization

Digital Advertising

The average person spends 11 hours a day on digital media. Good lord, how do they have time to eat or sleep? Digital advertising lets you reach prospective patients with guaranteed placement. Can’t make it to the top of Google for “Chicago Dentist?” Honestly, no one can. Instead, use AdWords. Are your patients addicted to Facebook? Boosting and Facebook ad campaigns ensure you’ll be in their news feed. Want to have an online ad presence? Google display ads are for you. We’ll set up your campaigns, design the ads for maximum conversion, and tell you exactly how well you performed (thank you Periscope!).

Google AdWords Campaign Setup and Management
Facebook Ad Development Targeting
Google Display Ads


Social Media Campaigns & Posting

When it comes to social media, we tend to hear a lot of whining. “Do I really have to??? But I don’t wanna do it. It’s stupid.” Sorry to tell you, but Mark Zuckerburg opened Pandora’s box and billions of fans and followers spilled out. And believe it or not, your patients are absolutely addicted to social media. We’ll take over the craziness, making you insanely popular on Twitter and Facebook, and we’ll even do your posting for you. Personal, fun, relevant posts will create conversations with your patients, impact your web rank, and keep you focused on what you really care about – dentistry.

Social Media Account Setup and Optimization
Fan and Follower Campaigns
Facebook Posting Services
Twitter Posting Services
Video Scripting and Development

Online Reviews

Every dentist we talk to says the same thing. “I ask all my patients but I’m lucky to get one new review a month on Google or Yelp.” We agree, it’s a challenge. We LOVE a good challenge, so we came up with a solution. Rave Reviews.

With Rave Reviews, getting a patient to leave a 5-star review on Google is unbelievably simple. Enter your patient’s first name and their cell phone number, and within seconds there’s a text on their phone linking them to our review platform.

Worried about negative reviews? Rave Reviews circumvents unhappy patients with a feedback loop that goes to the front desk, and not to Yelp.

Here’s why you’ll love Rave Reviews:

Patients can leave reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and more right from their smartphone
Funnel all reviews to the site of your choosing to quickly saturate the page with 5-star accolades
Simple instructions make it easy to walk non-tech savvy patients through any review site
Send feedback from unhappy patients to your front desk instead of to a public review site
Automatically trigger emails to patients who need a gentle reminder to write a review
Maximize your exposure by embedding a review feed on your website
Use the reviews to boost your social media presence
$99/month and no long term contracts

Want to learn how to show the review feed on your website?

Contact us today for a short demo to learn how Rave Reviews can turn your practice into the most talked about office in town.